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"The Marcy Foundation is here to #breakthesilence and aid people in seeking the help they deserve."




The Marcy Foundation aims to create awareness regarding domestic violence, mental health, drug abuse, child abuse and HIV which are still very much considered ‘taboo’ in Malta and consequently not often spoken about. 

The Marcy Foundation will achieve its mission by building an online based platform whereby individuals who are suffering as a result of domestic violence, mental health, drug abuse, child abuse and HIV may access information in relation to the services which are offered in Malta, the legal rights / measures provided for under the respective legislation and the after-care services available in relation to each Pillar.



The Foundation was founded in memory of my late mother, Marcelline, known by everyone as Marcy. My mother never judged anyone, instead she went out of her way to help anyone who needed help. For this reason, I have decided to carry on her way of being by founding a foundation that creates awareness about subjects that are stigmatized.

The Marcy Foundation will focus on five main pillars, which are; Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse and HIV. My family and people very close to me have had experiences in all these areas and therefore these causes are very much at heart. Hopefully one day everyone will be like my mum and we will live in a society in which people will feel comfortable talking about the panic attack they experienced that morning, victims of domestic violence will know where to get help and individuals suffering from HIV can experience new sexual relationships with less concern. 

Any funds collected will be applied to develop targeted awareness campaigns that truly make a difference and educate society. We want to engage experts that work with these vulnerable groups of people for them to educate the general public and help people in certain situations to speak up and speak openly about any situations, which are considered taboo.


This is The Marcy Foundation.